Mid-Hudson Technical Societies Engineers Week

Engineering a Better World  

National Engineers Week 2005 Banquet

The dinner took place Tuesday, February 22, 2005 at Anthony‚Äôs Pier 9 in New Windsor.  The keynote speakers was General Henry Hatch and Dr. Diana Bauer.  General Henry Hatch, Chief Operating Officer of the American Society of Civil Engineers, has over 35 years of experience in the United States Army.  General Hatch also served aa National Research Council chairman, and is familiar with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Engineers of all disciplines.  General Hatch will use this knowledge to discuss Engineering in the New Millennium.  Dr. Diana Bauer, a project officer for the Environmental Protection Agency, has developed an approach to environmental protection that encourages the links between Engineering, natural systems, and social sciences.  Dr. Bauer will be discussing Environmental Sustainability, which occurs when Engineering is integrated with ecological, public health, economic, and social visions.