Mid-Hudson Technical Societies Engineers Week

Engineering a Better World  


Tuesday evening, February 20, 2007

Anthony‚Äôs Pier 9, 2975 Route 9W, New Windsor, NY      


Diane Bollen:  NASA Mars Exploration

Diane Bollen, a member of NASA's Mars Rover Science Team and a space astronomer at CornellUniversity, has been with the Mars Rover project since its beginning in 1997.  The Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, have been roaming the surface of Mars for the past two and one-half years.  NASA has collected thousands of images as well as spectral data on rock, soil, and atmosphere.  The beginnings of the geologic history of Mars are unfolding, but many more questions have surfaced.  In this talk, Ms. Bollen will present some of the most significant findings to date and will share some of the spectacular images that have been taken.